January 27, 20220

A man who never missed a Harambee stars match and danced jovially, is what every Kenyan football fanatic would describe Isaac Juma.

Hailing from the land of ingwe lovers land, Mumias- Isaac danced and entertained Kenyans at every football match he attended. His majestic look of a body full of chalk artwork, a bald head engraved with a ball was a constant figure in sports media articles and videos.

According to sources, this morning, his family confirmed the football fanatic was slashed in his home area, Mumias, Kakamega county amid alleged land disputes. His second wife, Farida Juma spoke to journalists confirming of the sad ordeal.

As a sports fraternity, we have not only lost a fan neither a friend but family. This kind of support and buttress is what keeps our athletes thrusting. As we mourn of a soul that has loved and adored our culture, we shall choose to remember all his numerous occasions he chose to supports his country and made us smile.

In 2011, he was honoured for his long-term service on the stands to Kenyan football with the Kenyan Premier League Chairman’s Award for his devout to the game.

But, how can we choose not to forget such a sweet sensation in our stands? Maybe name a stand after him? A gate of a stadium? Bukhungu stadium which held the 18th birthday of Soya on 25th January 2022.Bring justice to the doers of the dead?

One thing is for sure.

No one else like Juma.

You are the reason.

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